Benefiting Barristers’ Businesses and Simplifying Solicitors’ Synopses

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Much like programmers, lawyers often have a challenge in communication with their clients. See, Lawyers are used to sifting through large amounts of content that uses legal and technical jargon. They then have to turn around and explain complicated concepts to their clients in layman’s terms. The barristers and solicitors at Yanko and Popovic approached Opto with the request to be able to communicate their services to their clients in the cleanest, clearest way. At the same time, they wanted to have full control of their site, updating it themselves from time to time.


How could Opto Help?

First, at Opto we like a challenge, but a challenge requires expertise, and with these specific tasks required for the challenge, our skills fit the bill. We’re well versed in user interaction (also known as UX) user experience, and visual communication. In fact, our Creative Lead, George Papazian, is also the Program Instructional Lead for the Interaction Design Essentials program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. We could help the complex minded barristers and solicitors of Yanko and Popovic communicate their services in the simplest and clearest way to their clients. Fortunately for YPLaw, we also happen to be quite skilled at customizing WordPress themes. That means we could build a customized, minimalist WordPress theme for the company that the staff could update and maintain themselves, with just a bit of training.


The Result? has been successfully running for a good few years now, with a stable, clean, and simple interface. The staff has been making updates to the content themselves, and rarely needs to contact Opto for maintenance work. YPLaw’s clients find the info they need directly off of the site, thanks to the uncluttered design approach. This minimizes tedious phone calls to the office with repeated and redundant responses, and thereby maximizes office productivity. It lets YPLaw’s staff focus on the more important tasks.


Check out the site on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device:

Yanko & Popovic Barristers and Solicitors



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