WordPress Tech Support for Photos EM

Montreal Photographer Emanuele Miglioretti’s photo collection is something worth displaying to the world, but as many WordPress users know, sometimes getting that first “Hello World” post to display on WordPress isn’t as easy as WordPress would like it to be for them.

Thankfully though, Eman knows Opto. And Opto knows WordPress. So now that means Eman knows WordPress.


What we mean to say is, we helped Emanuele troubleshoot his WordPress site and provided consultation and training on how to use it more effectively. We can help do the same for you and your WordPress site too.

So if you get stuck, drop us a line connect [at] optomedia.info and in the meantime, have a look at Emanuele’s awesome work in his awesome WordPress site which he put together himself… with a lot of love and elbow grease, and just a little help from Opto. Hey if Emanuele can do it, so can you. We know you can:)