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OptoMedia helping out Standwin Moving

Contrary to the etymological prefix of its name, Standwin isn’t about being stationary. In fact, Standwin Moving is a wonderful moving company, always welcoming new clients (hint, hint… if any of you Optonians have recently sold your place…but we digress). Standwin had a bit of a problem. See, summer time is moving season, and Standwin’s developer couldn’t complete the development job, so its developer passed that job on to Opto.


How could Opto Help?

Opto’s a flexible web dev boutique. We’re used to working with crammed schedules. Opto was tasked with the “mission impossible” mission of getting the bulk of this site up in a 2 week time frame, which also included the thorny process of changing up email servers.


The Result?

Opto cranked out this high quality, Bootstrap driven small business site in record time. It features a responsive interface, a home page slider, a testimonial carousel, and “request a quote” call-to-action functionality, all on a budget that any small business can forward. Let’s put it this way, if your business can afford a laptop for its office, it can afford a high quality site like this.

Oh, and did we mention the complimentary 1 year free hosting, ongoing support, and access to Opto’s 18 year experienced consultation?


Check out Standwin moving’s site on your desktop or mobile device:

Standwin Moving



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