Though we are involved in totally different services, OptoMedia and Optical Now have one thing in common: we like vision and clarity. While OptoMedia’s idea of vision and clarity involves building clean, uncluttered, accessible interfaces for our clients’ apps and sites that are also mobile friendly, our client’s (Optical Now’s) idea of vision and clarity means helping its clients see better by improving their eyesight.

One way they do that is by providing contact lenses to buy.


The Task

Optical Now had an old site with an old interface, on an old e-commerce platform. It was convoluted, difficult for the user, and subsequently difficult to buy products from. The entire look, process, and experience needed to become smoother. Optical Now also needed ongoing maintenance and consultation on where to take its online business from here forward.

Complicating the matter was the fact that Optoical Now is not selling any old e-commerce product. It’s selling one of the most complex products of all: contact lenses.

Have a look at one example product to see all the product variations associated with it!

Each product has to account for left eye and the right eye, with each of those having it’s own BC/DIA, power, quantity specifications.

Long story short… this client is not just selling simple t-shirts and bumper stickers.


How could Opto Help?

For a UX/UI specialist like Opto, there is no greater litmus test in user journeys than user journeys in e-commerce. There is little margin for error when it comes to an e-commerce interface. Either you make the browsing and checkout process seamless, not allowing your user to think or question the process much, or you simply fail to make sales and conversions. The proof is quickly exposed in the pudding. This was a project in improving e-commerce and user journeys, as well as providing long term support on those.

Naturally, one would approach Opto for this specialized task.


The Result?

Optical Now received a fresh, new, light interface for its e-commerce solutions. Opto also provided hosting for the company on a secure server translating into increased, secure sales and conversions. Together, we navigated the minefield of the complex product variations and Gary from Optical Now continues to frequently check in with us for advice on best practices in e-commerce and user journeys.

No problem, Gary. We’re happy to help! :)


Check out Optical Now’s site:

Optical Now



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