Maintenance and Consultation for the ACA


The Armenian Cultural Association of British Columbia represents a small but active cultural community in Canada’s province of British Columbia. This year it’s celebrating it’s 50th year of service, and that calls for a new plan for the future.


The Task

The folks at ACA have a busy agenda. In addition to planning events, assisting and promoting community youth, managing real estate, and assisting Syrian refugees, they also have to handle their digital presence.

Sure, they might be able to handle some of their digital tasks themselves, but it’s inefficient for the organization and tends to sidetrack it from its main mission.

They could benefit from an expert to provide them consultation on the direction of their digital presence as well as the curating of their content.


How could Opto Help?

Opto provides consultation for non-profit organizations on areas such as digital presence and curating of content. This is in addition to providing site maintenance and content updating. We do all of this far more efficiently in terms of both time and cost than an organization would, were it to try to tack it all in house.


The Result?

The ACAofBC looks and acts more professional as an organization in the eyes of its community. Its website is always up-to-date with the latest events and initiatives. Its members can get concise, reliable information and this not only builds credibility, but the fresh content also results higher search engine rankings as well, helping more British Columbians find the ACA and know what it is, leading to more successful events.


Check out Armenian Cultural Association of British Columbia’s site: on your desktop or mobile device:

Armenian Cultural Association of British Columbia



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