Koroni Olive Oil: Purity in Simplicity


Sometimes, your business is so grass roots and pure that even a website is overkill and too “techy”. Sometimes, you just want to communicate directly with your customers, in a certain digital spirit of “farm-to-table”.

Koroni Olive Oil is just such a family business, and Opto is just such a solution. Koroni imports pure extra virgin olive oil from Greece.

Before the age of the internet and social media, things were simpler. People would socialize face to face, in a physical location. Koroni would bring olive oil from the old country, visit key locations where its customers would gather, and the high quality product would sell itself through good old fashioned word-of-mouth.

Well that word-of-mouth and legacy still works today for Koroni, but the game has changed a little. See, uncle Dimitri from down the street spends a little more time staring at his smart phone than talking with his buddies at the cafe, as he used to. What’s worse his son is glued to that smart phone three times as much as uncle Dimitri is.

Koroni needed anther way to get their attention.


The Task

Keeping with the theme of minimalism to reflect the business, Opto and Koroni needed to come up with the one most engaging medium to reach that modest Koroni customer base.

Naturally, all signs pointed to an email campaign.

While social media can be flaky, and a traditional website has the potential to be forgotten, opt-in/opt-out email campaigns are still one the most engaging, tangible ways to reach your clientele.


How could Opto Help?

Opto needed to come up with an alluring enough email campaign to get uncle Dimitri, his son, and all of their friends to open that email, read the offer, and convert it into a sale. That endevour included the perfect cocktail of the right campaign concept, a catchy yet meaningful title, and–interface specialists that we are–an attractive HTML email body that when it was opened, would lead to a successful click-through rate which, of course, would lead to a sale… lots of sales.


The Result?

Opto produced a concise and to-the-point HTML email that was sent out to the Koroni customer base, using the ever-popular MailChimp email campaign service. Koroni got to see exactly how many people opened the email and to what degree they engaged with through a report. We also consulted and trained Koroni on how to use the MailChimp service, and this resulted in Koroni continuing on with a second email campaign under their own accord.

Last we checked in, Koroni sales have been healthy, and uncle Dimitri is enjoying well oiled, organic, authentic food…while browsing on his smart phone.



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