E-business with the Tumo Kids

What is Tumo and who are the Tumo Kids?

Glad you asked that. Opto continues its investment and focus in web and internet education: for its clients, for its own knowledge base, and most importantly, for up and coming generations. So what is Tumo? Tumo is a state of the art creative technologies facility located in Yerevan, Armenia where kids of this up and coming IT country can come after school and learn any kind of creative technology, free of charge. Check it out. It’s truly a one of a kind educational model in Europe: tumo.org.


Why is e-business important for kids of a country like Armenia?

Because Armenia is a landlocked, economically depressed and blockaded country. E-business and e-commerce is a critical life line to the viability of an economy like Armenia’s, and OptoMedia is proud and honoured to be cultivating these skills in the country’s youth in partnership with Tumo. Opto Creative Lead George Papazian ran an intensive, 3 week e-business workshop with the kids at Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies, instilling in them skills of business acumen in the creative fields. Opto has a lot to share with kids, we’ve been in the biz of creative technologies for well over a decade with the completion of all kinds of successful projects. And if you’re wondering what kind of business skills a teenager can grasp to monetize his or her creative talents, you’ll be floored with the results. Drop us a line and we’d be happy to share them with you.


Tumo Center for Creative Technologies




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