Cheesecake Etc: A landmark site for a landmark business

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If you live in the Vancouver area (and like dessert) chances are you’ve eaten at or heard of Cheesecake Etc… This funky little spot in the South Granville area is a cheesecake institution in the city, typically either packed or with a line up out the door on any given weekend, but even established institutions can’t do everything on their own. Sometimes they need Opto’s help in the digital realm.


The Task

Cheesecake Etc had 3 problems with their current site:

  • It had a bit of a dated look
  • It was overkill, with functionality and sections rarely used
  • It had been attacked by malware, which was grossly eating up needless bandwidth


How could Opto Help?

When it comes to user experience and user interface design, Opto focuses on accessibility, simplicity, and minimalism (lightweight interfaces). We love to take a burdened site and remove the clutter.


The Result?

With the help of Cheesecake Etc’s input, Opto produced this wonderful, modern version of the site, with mobile-first philosophy in mind. This is a very affordable, entry-level, deliberately non-Wordpress, Bootstrap powered site.

One of the goals of this web app is for Vancouverites to be able to find quick information about Cheesecake Etc on the go during their night out, perhaps leaving their previous venue. This could be information such as store hours, the phone number, location, as well as what’s on the menu.


Check out Cheesecake Etc’s site: on your desktop or mobile device:

Cheesecake Etc



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