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3 things to know about SEO

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Google Seo

SEO is by far one of the top concerns for most of my clients, and many questions I get revolve around it.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is trying to get your site to come up first when a search is made using keywords. Yeah is pretty big, but essentially this comes down to pleasing Google.

It’s such a broad term these days, that there’s a lot of confusion surrounding it. I want to clarify some of that here.

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Bridal Network / SEO

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OptoMedia and

Bridal Network Inc. is a Canadian wedding industry advertising & marketing company. The challenge here was the development of a quantifiable online marketing strategy for their “retail” properties, primarily their flagship bridal website,, now the leading Canadian wedding resource. has a seemingly straightforward subject matter: wedding planning in Canada. However, typically, in practice this is an overgeneralisation; potential customers (brides-to-be) will almost never begin their web searches looking for something as general as “planning”. As a result an exhaustive amount of research was initially required, to identify current trends, needs and popular areas of immediate need to brides just beginning their wedding planning process, since (a) there is an overabundance of similar services on the Internet (b) brides-to-be are a rather short-lived customer, completing their purchasing cycle in 4-12 months.

Having identified likely entry-points to the target demographic, a comprehensive strategy was developed and is still monitored and managed on a monthly basis. The campaign includes both regional and categorical niches, precise content generation and leverages the competitive advantages of Bridal Network in their particular market (eg. a large wedding vendor network). Initital results have been extremely encouraging and have helped us identify further approaches and fine-tune our overal plan.

For example, try the following “wedding planning searches” on

* DIY wedding invitations
* engagement photo ideas
* wedding shoes canada
* winter wedding gowns
* etc etc.