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Benefiting Barristers’ Businesses and Simplifying Solicitors’ Synopses

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Yanko and Popovic :: Barristers and Solicitors [OptoMedia]

Much like programmers, lawyers often have a challenge in communication with their clients. See, Lawyers are used to sifting through large amounts of content that uses legal and technical jargon. They then have to turn around and explain complicated concepts to their clients in layman’s terms. The barristers and solicitors at Yanko and Popovic approached Opto with the request to be able to communicate their services to their clients in the cleanest, clearest way. At the same time, they wanted to have full control of their site, updating it themselves from time to time.

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The Research Centre Multisite at Emily Carr University

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Research is serious business, so serious sometimes that interfaces of research websites look too serious…and drab. That’s where creative Opto came in on this particular project. Emily Carr University of Art and Design asked Opto to spruce up the interface on its new research multisite.


What is a multisite?

A multisite is a website that contains several “mini” or “micro” websites within it. In this case, the university has several research departments that have to update content, independent of the other departments. They elected to use the WordPress Multisite platform to achieve this.

Right… so we’re getting a bit technical here…back to sprucing up the drab site. Opto’s task was to inject a bit of interactive accent colour, typography, and social media components to the grey and low contrast site, as well as bringing it more in line design-wise with the university’s overall brand and feel. In addition to this, we needed to make the site’s interface mobile friendly on a variety of popular devices.


Why was Opto chosen?

Well, ONE because we specialize in educational projects on the web, TWO because a good chunk of our work is done using WordPress, and WordPress Multisite presents an added layer of complexity and sophistication to the programming process that only our WordPress experience can handle in harmony with our other specialized skills such as interface modifying, and THREE because we’re awesome! (We just had to throw that one in there.)


Check out the site on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device:

Research at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


Award Winning Make Up Artist Georgia Spyra’s Web Makeover

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When it comes to make up artistry, Georgia Spyra is no rookie. Aside from 16 years of experience in the biz, her accolades include being featured in Elle magazine, and being deemed one of Canada’s top make up artist’s 2 years in a row. Oh, and did we mention that she ran her own school in Toronto? Yeah, Georgia’s pretty accomplished. So where do accomplished artists go when they need a website? Opto of course. Read More

HSA SFU Interface Development and Consultation

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HSA of SFU and OptoMedia

In the industry, OptoMedia is valued for its dual expertise of interface tweaking, and development of web interfaces geared towards learning outcomes. That is exactly what we put to use on this project.

The Issue

Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University was building first-of-its-kind language software for the Centre’s Odysseas Language Tutor, enabling self directed learning between the languages of Greek, English, and Chinese. The authors and Technical Manager had a lot of content, and needed it to be delivered to the learner in the most optimal way, conducive to high output learning outcomes.

How could Opto Help?

Creative Lead George Papazian provided interface consultation and development to Industry Design and Simon Fraser University for this state of the art language software.  George strategized with Technical Manager Costa Dedigkikas to devise and implement logical user journeys, with interface design targeted specifically to language learners and their needs.

The Result

Hellenic Studies’ saw an increase in language training enrollment after launching the software. The Odysseas Language Tutor continues to be one of Centre’s pillars of the programs that it offers. Students and learners of the Greek language are able to follow a steady course and improve their skills effectively, on a daily basis, and online from virtually any location.

Get more information about the program here:

The Odysseas Language Tutor from Hellenic Studies