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Benefiting Barristers’ Businesses and Simplifying Solicitors’ Synopses

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Yanko and Popovic :: Barristers and Solicitors [OptoMedia]

Much like programmers, lawyers often have a challenge in communication with their clients. See, Lawyers are used to sifting through large amounts of content that uses legal and technical jargon. They then have to turn around and explain complicated concepts to their clients in layman’s terms. The barristers and solicitors at Yanko and Popovic approached Opto with the request to be able to communicate their services to their clients in the cleanest, clearest way. At the same time, they wanted to have full control of their site, updating it themselves from time to time.

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Creativity for Cretans

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Building good sites is often about maximizing efficiency for a business or organization. When the president of the Cretan Association of British Columbia approached OptoMedia, he had a bit of a problem on his hands. His association has always been one of the more successful ones among its peers and competitors. Despite this, surprsingly all membership management and fee collection was happening manually. This inefficiency was creating lost potential revenue. Enter OptoMedia; enter return on investment.


How could Opto Help?

Opto has been building sites for organizations similar to the Cretan Association of British Columbia for more than a decade. We know what a little automation can mean for modest organizations like this one. We also know the nuances of working with committees, boards of members, and other such dynamics where you have many cooks in the kitchen during a development project. Opto couples this knowledge with our expertise in content strategy and content management systems and how the latter’s various modules mesh together, as well as latest design trends and best interface practices. In short we have that perfect web dev cocktail that the Cretan Association of British Columbia–and other associations similar to them–need.


The Result?

Within days of launching the site and its orbiting social media channels, the Cretan Association of British Columbia got most of the organization’s members registered in its secure system in order to be able manage member information. From their desktop, tablet, or phone, members are now checking the site for info, RSVP’ing for events, contributing content to the collective archive, and–most importantly–purchasing products and memberships online for increased and streamlined revenue; thus, ensuring the long term sustainability and flourishing of the organization.


Check out the site on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device:

Cretan Association of British Columbia

Award Winning Make Up Artist Georgia Spyra’s Web Makeover

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When it comes to make up artistry, Georgia Spyra is no rookie. Aside from 16 years of experience in the biz, her accolades include being featured in Elle magazine, and being deemed one of Canada’s top make up artist’s 2 years in a row. Oh, and did we mention that she ran her own school in Toronto? Yeah, Georgia’s pretty accomplished. So where do accomplished artists go when they need a website? Opto of course. Read More

Madewood made it simple

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MadeWoord and OptoMedia

At the time of approaching us, Madewood Distribution Inc. was a distribution startup with a bootstrapped budget. Though Opto specializes in educational interface design, Madewood found high value in our services, and here’s why…


The problem

Madewood had a startup budget, and they needed to get the highest output out of that budget. They didn’t have a dime to spare or time to waste on redundant pathways of development for their site and its interface.


The solution

Since OptoMedia specializes in interfaces for learning sites and applications, the staff at Madewood looked to our expertise in getting their concise, correct message about their services across to their users.

Madewood Distribution Inc. utilized the power of the WordPress platform to maximize functionality, while minimizing the process and expenditures on what it takes to develop an online presence sporting a full content management system.

CMS’ like WordPress and their plugins have developed and evolved yet more since. What would have taken three times the labour and cost to develop, some years ago, can now be developed and deployed in record speed, and with minimal pain for both client and developer.


The result

Madewood’s clear, concise interface that communicates its services to its target market paid off. The company’s site became a primary branding and marketing tool, and today Madewood Distribution is a dynamic Canadian company, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s primary purpose is to source, distribute and represent a line of environmentally sustainable, yet premier surfacing products and architectural materials.

Linguistic Factory

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Linguistic Factory and OptoMedia

Linguistic Factory specializes in development of speech recognition and synthesis systems, for both common and less common languages. In addition, their focus is speech dialog systems based on open source software. They are an experienced team of passionate Computational Linguists with different cultural backgrounds and a common goal: to make Natural Speech technology approachable and likeable for everybody everywhere.

Linguistic Factory’s impressive client list includes companies such as Panasonic and VivaCell MTS.

The Period of Purple Crying

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IAM Webs and the Period of Purple Crying
IAM Webs and the Period of Purple Crying

IAM Webs and the Period of Purple Crying

The Period of PURPLE Crying® is the phrase used to describe the point in a baby’s life when they cry more than any other time. This period of increased crying is often described as colic, but there have been many misunderstandings about what “colic” really is. It is a new way to help parents understand this time in their baby’s life, which is a normal part of every infant’s development.

The National Center for Shaken Baby syndrome,, has just lauched the website for this new and informative campaign at

The task in this project was to communicate this most important material to parents who desperately need some relief from the constant crying of their new born infants. The information needed to be presented in an accessible manner, so that parents would not need to overly search at the crucial time that they need the information.

“The Period of PURPLE Crying®” project was headed by IAM Webs with Project Management from George Papazian and Design Direction from Caio Prezia.

Community Pride with HCV

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OptoMedia and the Hellenic Community of Vancouver

Promoting community pride and unity with the help of Opto.

The Hellenic Community of Vancouver’s stunning new site has been launched! This project was a six month endevour produced by a creative team of three: Project Manager / Developer George Papazian, talented Art Director / Designer Costa Dedegikas, and php Guru Krishna Awatranami.

The new site and its applications will give the Hellenic Community administration the ability to manage their own site and post information on all of their various programs. There are multi level logins on the back end through the sophisticated administration interface. This site features a completely customized template, and has been hand coded using no external CMS applications.

The project has now entered its second phase which will see the completion of a photo gallery application and archive, and an enhanced “past events” photo and story archive application.

Congratulations go out to the team, as well as to Gus Karvelis and Peter Kletas for all their hard work.

FAAM Construction’s building more than just homes

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OptoMedia and FAAM Construction

FAAM Construction’s building more than just homes. They’re building an online strategy, complete with online marketing and site development.

FAAM wanted their clients to identify with their brand online, so they put OptoDesign to the task of creating a digital presence for them on the net, at a reasonable cost for a small to medium sized business. outlines the company’s bio and presents its portfolio in a simple, clean, and accessible format.

The FAAM site formula is an ideal solution as an entry level site for restaurants, professionals, realtors, and other such businesses or services.

Raising Kefi’s kefi

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OptoMedia and Kefi

Kefi restaurant is not just Greek food. It’s good Greek food. Well truth be told, it’s damn good Greek food. In a Vancouver market were restaurants can get away with mediocrity, due to poor consumer expectations, Kefi raises it’s standards regardless, (and its own “kefi” in the process). If you’re not aware, kefi is a word in the Greek language for a feeling of high spirits and good times often associated with music and entertainment, but it can also be used to refer to mood. Well Kefi has a lot of kefi. It’s also modern, traditional, fun, authentic, and unique all at the same time. It’s not your typical Greek North American eating experience; you know what we mean.. with the standard pilaf rice and roast potatoes served with every dish. (Those same rice and roast potatoes that ironically aren’t served in Greece with meals.)

Kefi pays attention to detail. So they needed a site to communicate this, a site that carries their message in a clear manner, one that their staff could easily update their menu with, and one that their customers could easily access to find out about their great food.

Good food and a good atmosphere–or a good kefi as it were–is only part of the “recipe” for success (pardon the pun). People still need to find your business. In today’s world of new media and internet marketing, search engine optimization plays a key role. So Kefi’s site is setup and hand coded in way that delivers in this area as well. Just type the keyword “kefi” on any search engine from Canada and you’ll see what we mean.