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WordPress Tech Support for Photos EM

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Montreal Photographer Emanuele Miglioretti at

Montreal Photographer Emanuele Miglioretti’s photo collection is something worth displaying to the world, but as many WordPress users know, sometimes getting that first “Hello World” post to display on WordPress isn’t as easy as WordPress would like it to be for them.

Thankfully though, Eman knows Opto. And Opto knows WordPress. So now that means Eman knows WordPress.


What we mean to say is Read More

Award Winning Make Up Artist Georgia Spyra’s Web Makeover

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When it comes to make up artistry, Georgia Spyra is no rookie. Aside from 16 years of experience in the biz, her accolades include being featured in Elle magazine, and being deemed one of Canada’s top make up artist’s 2 years in a row. Oh, and did we mention that she ran her own school in Toronto? Yeah, Georgia’s pretty accomplished. So where do accomplished artists go when they need a website? Opto of course. Read More

Madewood made it simple

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MadeWoord and OptoMedia

At the time of approaching us, Madewood Distribution Inc. was a distribution startup with a bootstrapped budget. Though Opto specializes in educational interface design, Madewood found high value in our services, and here’s why…


The problem

Madewood had a startup budget, and they needed to get the highest output out of that budget. They didn’t have a dime to spare or time to waste on redundant pathways of development for their site and its interface.


The solution

Since OptoMedia specializes in interfaces for learning sites and applications, the staff at Madewood looked to our expertise in getting their concise, correct message about their services across to their users.

Madewood Distribution Inc. utilized the power of the WordPress platform to maximize functionality, while minimizing the process and expenditures on what it takes to develop an online presence sporting a full content management system.

CMS’ like WordPress and their plugins have developed and evolved yet more since. What would have taken three times the labour and cost to develop, some years ago, can now be developed and deployed in record speed, and with minimal pain for both client and developer.


The result

Madewood’s clear, concise interface that communicates its services to its target market paid off. The company’s site became a primary branding and marketing tool, and today Madewood Distribution is a dynamic Canadian company, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s primary purpose is to source, distribute and represent a line of environmentally sustainable, yet premier surfacing products and architectural materials.

Creative Education for Tapestry Foundation

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OptoMedia is more than just development. Our creativity and expertise manifests itself through education as well. In this case, Tapestry Foundation approached OptoMedia to provide training to its staff, in order to help manage its Drupal based site. Opto also provides much needed consultation and direction to Tapestry, to help move the organization forward with its on going site needs, as well as the deployment of upcoming campaigns and new media applications. OptoMedia consolidates the expertise of several seasoned new media instructors, each with years of experience in new media instruction at institutions of higher education.

The Tapestry Foundation organization is the amalgamation of three organizations with a long history of supporting compassionate health care in Vancouver – St. Vincent’s, Holy Family and Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Foundations.

Linguistic Factory

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Linguistic Factory and OptoMedia

Linguistic Factory specializes in development of speech recognition and synthesis systems, for both common and less common languages. In addition, their focus is speech dialog systems based on open source software. They are an experienced team of passionate Computational Linguists with different cultural backgrounds and a common goal: to make Natural Speech technology approachable and likeable for everybody everywhere.

Linguistic Factory’s impressive client list includes companies such as Panasonic and VivaCell MTS.

Promoting a Better Society Through Business at UBC

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Forum results at the University of British Columbia for the Centre for Population Health Promotion Research

OptoMedia digitally presented the results of a forum at the University of British Columbia concerning the use of business to create a better society. The forum and subsequent online application was spearheaded by the Centre for Population Health Promotion Research (CPHPR), with the support of Building Opportunities for Business and the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

CPHPR aimed to summarize the results of the forum in an easy to follow, interactive web application. This modest application helped CPHPR spread its findings beyond its locale, and on to an international audience.

HSA SFU Interface Development and Consultation

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HSA of SFU and OptoMedia

In the industry, OptoMedia is valued for its dual expertise of interface tweaking, and development of web interfaces geared towards learning outcomes. That is exactly what we put to use on this project.

The Issue

Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University was building first-of-its-kind language software for the Centre’s Odysseas Language Tutor, enabling self directed learning between the languages of Greek, English, and Chinese. The authors and Technical Manager had a lot of content, and needed it to be delivered to the learner in the most optimal way, conducive to high output learning outcomes.

How could Opto Help?

Creative Lead George Papazian provided interface consultation and development to Industry Design and Simon Fraser University for this state of the art language software.  George strategized with Technical Manager Costa Dedigkikas to devise and implement logical user journeys, with interface design targeted specifically to language learners and their needs.

The Result

Hellenic Studies’ saw an increase in language training enrollment after launching the software. The Odysseas Language Tutor continues to be one of Centre’s pillars of the programs that it offers. Students and learners of the Greek language are able to follow a steady course and improve their skills effectively, on a daily basis, and online from virtually any location.

Get more information about the program here:

The Odysseas Language Tutor from Hellenic Studies

Web Project Management Curriculum Development

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OptoMedia and IAM Training Curriculum Development

OptoMedia creative lead George Papazian assisted the Institute of Advanced Media (now IAM-Vanarts, in developing a robust project management program in October 2009 across 4 of its terms, along with colleagues School Director, Greg Culos, Project Manager Caio Prezia of IAM Webs, and Senior Project Manager Bryce Reid of Blast Radius in October of 2009.

The program included 4 stages of theoretical and practical project management education, involving real world clients for commercial web development. Term 4 especially focused on rare to acquire senior web project management skills where senior term 4 students managed term 1 project managers on their real world projects. This was the only such program of its kind in Canada.

Bridal Network / SEO

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OptoMedia and

Bridal Network Inc. is a Canadian wedding industry advertising & marketing company. The challenge here was the development of a quantifiable online marketing strategy for their “retail” properties, primarily their flagship bridal website,, now the leading Canadian wedding resource. has a seemingly straightforward subject matter: wedding planning in Canada. However, typically, in practice this is an overgeneralisation; potential customers (brides-to-be) will almost never begin their web searches looking for something as general as “planning”. As a result an exhaustive amount of research was initially required, to identify current trends, needs and popular areas of immediate need to brides just beginning their wedding planning process, since (a) there is an overabundance of similar services on the Internet (b) brides-to-be are a rather short-lived customer, completing their purchasing cycle in 4-12 months.

Having identified likely entry-points to the target demographic, a comprehensive strategy was developed and is still monitored and managed on a monthly basis. The campaign includes both regional and categorical niches, precise content generation and leverages the competitive advantages of Bridal Network in their particular market (eg. a large wedding vendor network). Initital results have been extremely encouraging and have helped us identify further approaches and fine-tune our overal plan.

For example, try the following “wedding planning searches” on

* DIY wedding invitations
* engagement photo ideas
* wedding shoes canada
* winter wedding gowns
* etc etc.