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Reach for the stars

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In the old days, the recipe was simple: research a few keywords, find out which ones were high volume/low competition, stuff your site with them (maybe add in an adult keyword term or two for wider reach if you were a rogue marketer) and…bingo: traffic to your site, high results on the search engines.

Today…. not so much.

Today there is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), as well as credibility through star ratings and reviews. It’s the latter that we want to focus on because it really has an effect on how your business is noticed and perceived.

Whether you are a restaurant, a car dealership, a photographer, a coffee shop, or anything in between, today star ratings and reviews are your SEO currency, but before we mention strategies for being successful with them, let’s first make sure you know what we’re talking about.

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4 Steps to Maximizing your Social Media Efficiency

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Social Media

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Efficiency in anything basically means running lean and trimming out the extra fat.

At the university, my new media students learn the concept that “less is more” when designing interfaces for creating web pages. As most graphic designers involved in interactive design will attest to, when you’re creating a web interface, you want to eliminate the clutter. It’s all about visual communication. You want to visually communicate only the point your trying to get across to your user and nothing more. No clutter.

This type of design seems easy because people assume that simple is easy… but it’s a far cry from easy. Telling the story you want with the fewest words is no easy task. (Look at me for example, I’m already rambling with this article!)

Ok let’s bring it back to social media

You have a business. You want people to know about your business. You heard that social media is the key. You start signing up…for anything and for everything. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+ …the list goes on. With every sign up, a new account, new settings, a new learning curve, time away from your business, time and money spent away for perfecting your product and servicing your customers.

Let’s trim the fat.


Step 1: Profile your business and yourself.

Figure out what kind of business you have and what your own strengths are. That might help you focus on what type of social media services might really help you. I mean really think about it. Does a mom and pop 99c pizza shop really need to tweet? Do their customers really need the extra media noise of 99c pizza news streaming into their smart phone? And how much can you tweet about pizza, a good deal on pizza, pizza recipes, or best practices in digesting pizza? I know pizza. Read More

Can digital nomads marry non-digital nomads? (And produce non digital nomad children?)

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I think the answer is categorically: NO.

I’m not a digital nomad.  I have a few friends that are, however, and their lifestyle got me thinking. Let’s back up for a minute though..

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a modern breed of person that leverages modern technology to continuously travel the world while still staying productive with his or her online business. Well, that’s one definition of it anyway. As an example, a digital nomad may be a person that has an online, specialty book store. That person has an online following of paying customers, so all s/he needs is a stable internet connection, and s/he can work from anywhere in the world and actually grow his or her business in the process to make more money. Almost any business can be made into an online business. If you’re an entrepreneurial kind of person, you can basically choose your passion and build a sustainable online business around that passion.

People that want to work while traveling the globe aren’t a new phenomenon. What’s new is the technology now available to make that kind of lifestyle (a) a reality and (b) less eccentric. History is full of eccentric types that weren’t satisfied with the mundane reality of the societies they were born into. Take for example, poet Lord Byron and charlatan Casanova, each wanted something more (and travelled the world to find it.) In their time, however, these people may have been really marginalized. Only a few could take the plunge, and those that did were the most extreme ones since they had to cut off ties (to everyone and everything) in order to travel. Social Media makes such a sacrifice no longer necessary.


EFL Teachers

EFL teachers are people who teach English as a Foreign Language (abroad), similar to ESL teachers who teach English as a Second Languge (within an English speaking country). Why do I bring them up? Because EFL teachers were one of the predecessors of the modern digital nomad. EFL teachers often traveled the world (and still do). Their analogous “internet connection” or “common glue” is the English language itself which, like the internet today, is a globally spanning phenomenon. EFL teachers could (and still can) continuously travel, because everywhere they went, their skills were in demand. They visited a country, Read More

November’s 4 Social Networking Tips For Small Businesses

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OptoMedia’s Jennifer Tiles provides some quick tips on social networking for your small business



Looking to expand your business and reach more clientele? Check your online marketing list, and see if you are doing any of these basic social networking methods…



Some tips to consider in keeping up with social networks:

1. Build a business page with your facebook or twitter accounts. With the ever-growing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, companies can now use these free online services to promote their businesses, post updates on new products, specials or events. For example, if you run a small make-up & hair-design company, you could create a Facebook Fan Page to post testimonials, inspiration sites and final hair and makeup designs created for your clients. You can also register with Twitter and re-tweet clients’ messages like “my hair and make-up look amazing, thank you JOHNDOE Make-up and Hair Design!” to customers’ smart phones or to other web sites.

2. Search Engine Optimization is Key. Take some time and research the competition in your industry, you may be able to create a blog/website that is uniquely different than the rest and geared towards the geographic region you want to connect with. Start your research by using Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other major search engine. You should find a wide range of information about your desired industry. Give the Google Keyword Tool a try. It analyzes keywords, showing you their competitiveness and earning potential.

3. Create posts that engage an audience. When posting content on a social networking site, it’s important to be engaging, perhaps even interactive. Customers like to be involved by having the opportunity to speak their mind. For example, if you owned an Italian Restaurant that serves weekly specials, you could post a Poll question on your Facebook Fan site that asks customers what weekly dish they preferred, The Savory Meat Lasagna or the Penne Alfredo?

4. Tell people you are on the social network. The next time you meet up with a client for a consultation or just meeting with a group of friends,  casually spread the word that you have a wordpress blog and get people interested in your online business presence. When you hand out your business card, include your facebook, twitter url or QR code on the card, they are great conversation starters!