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Don’t forget your functions.php file! It’s powerful.

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In the world of WordPress theme customization, back end customization is often neglected. I would say for good reason too. If you’re mostly a front end programmer like me, it’s daunting and complicated: database table and column architecting, server configurations, and then that whole world of plugin authoring….and I say all this having taught PHP … Continue reading Don’t forget your functions.php file! It’s powerful.

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Stepping up WordPress’ Search Engine Optimization Game

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Discuss search engine optimization with most business owners and it’s usually pretty high on their list. (Independent of whether they actually need it or not.) Generally speaking, SEO is the task of trying to get a high ranking on the search engines. Nowadays that really boils down to Google–and Bing to a lesser degree. Many … Continue reading Stepping up WordPress’ Search Engine Optimization Game

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About Migration

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The migration of files should be a seemingly easy task, and I guess you could say it is, but when you are dealing with complex ecosystems like CMS’s, it can get a little dicey.

This article is not an instructional guide on how to migrate WordPress files, but aims to address a few things you should know and prepare before doing so.

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3 things to know about SEO

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Google Seo

SEO is by far one of the top concerns for most of my clients, and many questions I get revolve around it.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is trying to get your site to come up first when a search is made using keywords. Yeah is pretty big, but essentially this comes down to pleasing Google.

It’s such a broad term these days, that there’s a lot of confusion surrounding it. I want to clarify some of that here.

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Benefiting Barristers’ Businesses and Simplifying Solicitors’ Synopses

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Yanko and Popovic :: Barristers and Solicitors [OptoMedia]

Much like programmers, lawyers often have a challenge in communication with their clients. See, Lawyers are used to sifting through large amounts of content that uses legal and technical jargon. They then have to turn around and explain complicated concepts to their clients in layman’s terms. The barristers and solicitors at Yanko and Popovic approached Opto with the request to be able to communicate their services to their clients in the cleanest, clearest way. At the same time, they wanted to have full control of their site, updating it themselves from time to time.

Read More author George Papazian’s new Moodle course

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Moodle Administration Essential Training at with George Papazian

What is

Fair question. is Linkedin’s training branch, offering high quality video courses for the purpose of training professionals. George is a course author and presenter for, and he recently published his new course, Moodle Administration Essential Training.

Check it out here, and don’t forget to press “play” !

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Navigating the “Internet of Things” as a small business website

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There are website rookie mistakes out there that we’ve all seen, but sometimes we are blinded to them when it concerns our own website, our own little baby. Aside from obvious issues like your site having a dated look, I’m talking about rookie mistakes businesses make when they have come to a decision to launch a new site. Some of these shortcomings they overlook when building the content, others are as a result of corner cutting tactics, while still others some businesses think look cool but, as we all know, there is a fine line between looking cool and looking tacky.

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