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Optical Now and Opto

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Though we are involved in totally different services, OptoMedia and Optical Now have one thing in common: we like vision and clarity. While OptoMedia’s idea of vision and clarity involves building clean, uncluttered, accessible interfaces for our clients’ apps and sites that are also mobile friendly, our client’s (Optical Now’s) idea of vision and clarity means…

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Cheesecake Etc: A landmark site for a landmark business

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cheesecakeetc and OptoMedia

If you live in the Vancouver area (and like dessert) chances are you’ve eaten at or heard of Cheesecake Etc… This funky little spot is a cheesecake institution in the city, typically either packed or with a line up out the door on any given weekend, but even established institutions can’t do everything on their own. Sometimes they need Opto’s help in the digital realm…

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Standing with Standwin

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OptoMedia helping out Standwin Moving

Contrary to the etymological prefix of its name, Standwin isn’t about being stationary. In fact, Standwin Moving is a wonderful moving company, always welcoming new clients (hint, hint.. if any of you Optonians have recently sold your place…but we digress). Standwin had a bit of a problem. See, summer time is moving season, and Standwin’s developer couldn’t complete the development job, so…

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Reach for the stars

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In the old days, the recipe was simple: research a few keywords, find out which ones were high volume/low competition, stuff your site with them (maybe add in an adult keyword term or two for wider reach if you were a rogue marketer) and…bingo: traffic to your site, high results on the search engines.

Today…. not so much.

Today there is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), as well as credibility through star ratings and reviews. It’s the latter that we want to focus on because it really has an effect on how your business is noticed and perceived.

Whether you are a restaurant, a car dealership, a photographer, a coffee shop, or anything in between, today star ratings and reviews are your SEO currency, but before we mention strategies for being successful with them, let’s first make sure you know what we’re talking about.

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