Award Winning Make Up Artist Georgia Spyra’s Web Makeover

When it comes to make up artistry, Georgia Spyra is no rookie. Aside from 16 years of experience in the biz, her accolades include being featured in Elle magazine, and being deemed one of Canada’s top make up artist’s 2 years in a row. Oh, and did we mention that she ran her own school in Toronto? Yeah, Georgia’s pretty accomplished. So where do accomplished artists go when they need a website? Opto of course.

Designing for a designer is always a tricky task. So we knew that needed to look sharp. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for Georgia, being so talented on the design side of things, means being…ahem…”challenged” on the techy, geeky side of things. So in addition to a slick look, needed to be easily updatable, and Georgia needed some Opto TLC in training her how to use her new site. She also needed to be “reformed” from using her old flash template. Yeah you heard right, flash. Not judging, just saying…

So we built, and slowly showed Georgia how to update it on the back end. Now Georgia The Make Expert has slowly become Georgia The Tech Expert too.