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Reach for the stars

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In the old days, the recipe was simple: research a few keywords, find out which ones were high volume/low competition, stuff your site with them (maybe add in an adult keyword term or two for wider reach if you were a rogue marketer) and…bingo: traffic to your site, high results on the search engines.

Today…. not so much.

Today there is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), as well as credibility through star ratings and reviews. It’s the latter that we want to focus on because it really has an effect on how your business is noticed and perceived.

Whether you are a restaurant, a car dealership, a photographer, a coffee shop, or anything in between, today star ratings and reviews are your SEO currency, but before we mention strategies for being successful with them, let’s first make sure you know what we’re talking about.

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Benefiting Barristers’ Businesses and Simplifying Solicitors’ Synopses

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Yanko and Popovic :: Barristers and Solicitors [OptoMedia]

Much like programmers, lawyers often have a challenge in communication with their clients. See, Lawyers are used to sifting through large amounts of content that uses legal and technical jargon. They then have to turn around and explain complicated concepts to their clients in layman’s terms. The barristers and solicitors at Yanko and Popovic approached Opto with the request to be able to communicate their services to their clients in the cleanest, clearest way. At the same time, they wanted to have full control of their site, updating it themselves from time to time.

Read More author George Papazian’s new Moodle course

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Moodle Administration Essential Training at with George Papazian

What is

Fair question. is Linkedin’s training branch, offering high quality video courses for the purpose of training professionals. George is a course author and presenter for, and he recently published his new course, Moodle Administration Essential Training.

Check it out here, and don’t forget to press “play” !

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Opto’s Strategic Partnership with Make a Change Canada

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Make a Change Canada and OptoMedia

OptoMedia’s close partnership with Make A Change Canada (formerly the Canadian Society for Social Development) and Selkirk College spans over 5 years, and gives our company the opportunity to provide location independent, technology skills to disadvantaged Canadians such as people with disabilities and mobility issues. This long standing initiative fits into our CSR (corporate social responsibility) model of improving the lives of people in difficult situations through technology education. Read More

Creativity for Cretans

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Building good sites is often about maximizing efficiency for a business or organization. When the president of the Cretan Association of British Columbia approached OptoMedia, he had a bit of a problem on his hands. His association has always been one of the more successful ones among its peers and competitors. Despite this, surprsingly all membership management and fee collection was happening manually. This inefficiency was creating lost potential revenue. Enter OptoMedia; enter return on investment.


How could Opto Help?

Opto has been building sites for organizations similar to the Cretan Association of British Columbia for more than a decade. We know what a little automation can mean for modest organizations like this one. We also know the nuances of working with committees, boards of members, and other such dynamics where you have many cooks in the kitchen during a development project. Opto couples this knowledge with our expertise in content strategy and content management systems and how the latter’s various modules mesh together, as well as latest design trends and best interface practices. In short we have that perfect web dev cocktail that the Cretan Association of British Columbia–and other associations similar to them–need.


The Result?

Within days of launching the site and its orbiting social media channels, the Cretan Association of British Columbia got most of the organization’s members registered in its secure system in order to be able manage member information. From their desktop, tablet, or phone, members are now checking the site for info, RSVP’ing for events, contributing content to the collective archive, and–most importantly–purchasing products and memberships online for increased and streamlined revenue; thus, ensuring the long term sustainability and flourishing of the organization.


Check out the site on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device:

Cretan Association of British Columbia

Not just a two bit website

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TwoBitCircus, Alliter, and Opto

When it comes to coding up good front end interface solutions, Opto serves up some epic knowledge, experience, and specialization, so serious in fact that other development firms themselves like to partner with us. That is the case with Alliter Communications, a talented Vancouver-based design and branding firm. Alliter teamed up with Opto to produce this stunning, modern, rebranded site for Two Bit Circus, an entertainment engineering company based out of Los Angeles, California.


What’s so great about it?

The new Two Bit Circus site implements the latest in best practices in design, namely a one page scroll format with a fluid, responsive design, customized and crafted for a smooth viewing experience with browser compatibility on most modern devices. Oh, and did we mention it has the ability to integrate motion graphics and video while accomplishing all that? From a design perspective, the site retains unique branding elements that break the monotony of too much of a template-like, generic look.

Translation: It kicks a**.


Why was Opto chosen?

Well Opto is just swell when it comes to customizing interfaces, whether those interfaces are hand coded, or reside on a content management system. In this particular case, our B2B partner Alliter needed a firm with precision CSS skills to tweak the site to fit their designs to a pixel perfect tee, so the site can fit like a glove on whatever device it is being viewed on.


Check out the site on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device:

Two Bit Circus


The Research Centre Multisite at Emily Carr University

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Research is serious business, so serious sometimes that interfaces of research websites look too serious…and drab. That’s where creative Opto came in on this particular project. Emily Carr University of Art and Design asked Opto to spruce up the interface on its new research multisite.


What is a multisite?

A multisite is a website that contains several “mini” or “micro” websites within it. In this case, the university has several research departments that have to update content, independent of the other departments. They elected to use the WordPress Multisite platform to achieve this.

Right… so we’re getting a bit technical here…back to sprucing up the drab site. Opto’s task was to inject a bit of interactive accent colour, typography, and social media components to the grey and low contrast site, as well as bringing it more in line design-wise with the university’s overall brand and feel. In addition to this, we needed to make the site’s interface mobile friendly on a variety of popular devices.


Why was Opto chosen?

Well, ONE because we specialize in educational projects on the web, TWO because a good chunk of our work is done using WordPress, and WordPress Multisite presents an added layer of complexity and sophistication to the programming process that only our WordPress experience can handle in harmony with our other specialized skills such as interface modifying, and THREE because we’re awesome! (We just had to throw that one in there.)


Check out the site on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device:

Research at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.