An “A” for achievement for a4achievement


a4achievement are private tutors that implement the Orton Gillingham approach to learning. What is the Orton Gillingham approach? We thought you’d never ask! The Orton Gillingham approach uses a cocktail of individualized, multidisciplinary, multisensory, alphabetic/phonic, systematic, synthetic and analytic, cognitive, sequential and cumulative, fluency focused, emotionally sound methods, with the ultimate goal of communication to help learners struggling with language and Math.

[Phew! We’re out of breath.]

You can also think of it as an innovative approach to tutoring and learning. :)


The Task

a4achievement needed a site that would communicate the benefits of the OG approach of tutoring towards its potential clients. It needed to explain something sophisticated and dynamic in a clear, concise, and engaging way, a way in which the user wouldn’t walk away thinking… “huh”?


How could Opto Help?

At Opto, we’re truly UX and UI specialists. (UX is user experience, and UI is user interface.) Our whole company philosophy revolves around taking something complex, and delivering it in a simple and concise manner in the digital realm; providing clarity and vision, if you will. After all, that’s why we’re named OptoMedia.

We worked with a4achievement to break apart the different aspects of the Orton Gillingham approach and deliver them to their user–their potential client–in manageable chunks.

We consulted a4achievement on its first baby steps in best practices with search engine optimization (SEO) and getting started with that.


The Result?

a4achievement got its digital presence started. Its focus on an innovative and sophisticated approach to tutoring was visually communicated in layman’s terms, along with other basic information such as contacting the tutor, and providing resources that students can get started with.

Opto awarded a4achievement an “A” on its new appearance, and we wish them the best of luck!


Note: a4achievement has since evolved its digital presence, and taken the next step and updated its site’s look! Check it out here:



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