AITC Workshops

Opto continues its work in the former Soviet Union for development of the I.T. industry.


What country?

Armenia, at the Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in the capital Yerevan.


Why Armenia?

Armenia was known as a kind of Silicon Valley of the Soviet Union. One third of all military electronics were produced in the country, in addition to electronics in submarines and computers systems in space ships.

Armenia, however, is an economically challenged country since the collapse of the Soviet Union with 2 of its 4 borders closed by its hostile neighbours. If that weren’t enough, the country faces a demographic crisis of mass emigration, having just under 3 of its 10 million people living within its borders. This makes Armenia a diaspora nation, and diaspora nations, already virtual and networked, are well poised for doing online business.

Within this context, OptoMedia’s Creative Lead George Papazian conducted the workshop “Successful Web Freelancing in Armenia”, providing local web developers the knowledge needed to target foreign markets. The end outcome of the workshop was for local developers to walk away with the skills required for conducting Western standards online buisness, and thus bring Western wages into the impoverished country.


Check out the site workshop posting for more details.

Armenian Indian Center for Excellence



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